Friday, May 2, 2014

Just a little something

I must confess, I have a handful of drafts waiting for pictures, but no posts for quite some time.Sooooo, while I wait for my car at the shop, I'll take advantage of these few moments to catch up:

My herringbone trial with our nearly free "subway tile" made from wood trim that we cut, sanded and painted. So far, we think it'll work out great!

Maple syrup. Actually, it's sap, but it did boil down to syrup. And it's delicious ;) this year we upgraded our method and it was much more efficient. 

Toes in the sand. Easter Sunday was a much needed warm-ish day to celebrate with family and get outdoors. 

I know this post is a little light, but it's my best attempt to be accountable and get on track with my posting. 

And just to make you smile, I'll share this recent conversation with our oldest son:
(Background: we discussed with him if he'd like to play a local summer softball league, and he said yes)
Me: you're going to have so much fun playing with other kids and learning from your coach
Ollie: can you be my coach? 
Me: no, honey, your coach knows the rules better than mommy does
Ollie: (thinking) ok...will I need to use one of those (swings arms across body) things?
Me: you mean a bat?
Ollie: yeah! A bat!
Me: yes, you'll get to use a bat :)

I think it's probably a good thing he wants to try softball this summer, lol.

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