Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Frugality at its best: Box Elder Syrup!

So, due to winter absolutely wearing us out this year (as I'm sure it has everyone!), we decided to tap what was closer to the house instead of schlepping buckets around in the woods. Then, acting on a tip from a 3rd generation Sapper friend, we decided to include Box Elder in our mix.

The first batch we boiled down indoors:

Easy peasy - pour it in a pot and boil until sweet, thick and you're happy with it. Note: it will get very humid in your home if you don't have really good ventilation. I highly recommend one that vents outdoors,and we live our dacor :)

You can use a hydrometer to check sugars, but we usually just chance it and go until it starts to bubble up. It's a noticeable change, but you must watch it! When it is done, it can get OVERDONE in a hurry, and truly, of your pot is even half full, you also risk it bubbling over. And that's one hot, sticky mess that you make once and don't want to repeat ;) take my word for it. 

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