Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy 2014! I pledge to...

exercise everyday. Eat healthy. Organize and declutter my home. Find financial freedom. Volunteer more. Yell at my kids a little bit less. The list goes on and on and on, and if you're anything like I am, the goals that you think about, maybe dream about, may or may not happen. Do they sound good, of course they do! Are all these things realistic? Probably not, not for one year, and not as completely as I've listed them. These things take time. Meeting our goals don't happen over night, or over the course of one year in many cases, its part of the journey!

So really, "resolutions"....there are a few things I'd like to improve, though, for myself and for my family. I truly do want to do better with clutter and organization around our house. We've all made great steps forward in recent months (even though it doesn't necessarily always look like it). Sometimes I feel like we have project ADD - I have a habit of starting something, getting most of the way through and not really finishing it for the longest time.

For instance, our "office closet".

It worked great for a little while, then when my desktop computer died last year and I didn't use the "office" as often, it was basically just to store office-y type things...and some non-office-y type things. With the kitchen reno, we decided to reclaim the "office" as closet, put the shelves back in, and move the office elsewhere.

Turns out I found a great office armoire second hand (at St. Vincent de Paul..if anyone knows what that is, if you don't, its a second hand store, like Goodwill, only in our town its larger and has lots more things). I think I paid $20 for it. Now, there are little things one could do to spruce it up a bit (touch up the paint, the back needs to be tacked back on in places, etc). Did I do those things? No, I wiped it down good, tossed my computer stuff, paper and basic supplies in there.

Did my dream of a beautifully organized closet become a reality? No it did not. Did my goal of having a cute little office armoire happen? Not really. Are both spaces functional, partially. The upside is I now have a closet (YAY! we don't have much storage in our home) AND my computer is hidden away (double YAY!).

Can I change that? Yes I Can! Is it going to happen today? Nope. These things take time. Just last week I painted a ... paper sorter that goes under the printer...hard to explain, here's a pic:

It tidied up my armoire in short order! Its not perfect, but its definitely more functional. I have some things I'd like to add yet, but its coming along for sure! The closet...not so much. I have found a home for an end table that is being stored there (when our neighbor's daughter moves to her own place in a month or so), AND its no longer a holding area for Christmas gifts, so really, its coming along somewhat as well.

In larger cluttered spaces, I'd REALLY love to tackle our bedroom. Its a space that goes from awful to nice, back to awful again in a matter of days usually. I can sort and put things away, then when we have company dropping by, things get stuck in there (by me, I cannot blame my Sweetie for this) and it takes me forever to sort them out again :/....see:

I know, its pathetic. Why did I post these horrific, hoarder like pics for you to see? Because, I'm just going out on a limb here, but I'm pretty sure we ALL have something like this going on in our house. Seriously. The older I get, the more I realize that while some people seem to have it "all together", most people do not. We all have these little things nagging at us, we think about them before we go to sleep some nights, we close our bedroom doors when company comes over, and on and on.

You know what, tackle it when you can. Don't stress out about it, enjoy your merry journey, and when the time comes and you're ready to dig in - dive right in and get it done! Joyfully, energetically, triumphantly! Usually it takes me a little time to psych myself up to diving in (especially a pile like that), but I've been talking to myself about DONATING things. As this is turning out to be a long, rambling post (apologies, and thanks for hanging on) I will admit that until I'm ready to deal with it, the thought of going through that "stuff" makes me least a little. And even when I do go through it, if I'm not really ready to, I get stressed out easily. But, right now I'm at the point that some of the clutter that is lingering around the house makes me feel bogged down, like I'm a slave to my "things"...and "things" aren't important, people are important. We shouldn't feel like our possessions own us, that's why I feel like I need to change it up a bit around here :)

SOooooo, look forward to some AFTER photos coming soon! I'm excited to donate some items, to re-sell some and maybe save some for (our first ever) yard sale this spring! Happy New Year! Best wishes to everyone for a year full of blessings, growth and at least baby steps toward our goals!

many happy returns,

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