Monday, November 11, 2013

A little something to think about: Craigslist Kitchen Backsplash

Sooo, as Sweets and I were working on moving a displaced light switch the other day (more like he was in the attic and HJ and I were in the kitchen patiently waiting for him to call down if/when he needed another tool), I was checking for "cheap, DIY kitchen backsplash ideas" when I came across this:

(Photo Credit: DIY Network)

Now, as I looked at it a little more, while this project certainly is DIY and right up my alley for lots of different reasons, I was hoping for something that looked a bit more like actual subway tile.

I know, subway tile is "so hot right now" - probably for lots of reasons. Visit any number of home improvement or design blogs and you'll see what I mean - its simple, clean, classic, etc. Honestly, I probably like it for the same reasons. I think its "pretty" and since Sweets and I have been thinking about our kitchen redo I've had my eye on subway tile. However, since our budget is small - and because I love a challenge - I really wanted to either A) find our subway tile on Craigslist for a steal or B) DIY something else for our backsplash.

Since we're still undecided about countertops (laminate? DIY wooden? maybe both in different areas of the kitchen? is there a sale going on anywhere? what can I find on Craigslist? sigh...) - and I think we have access to just the right free wood for this project - this just might be our solution.

Here's another photo that I feel is more like what I am looking for...except I'm envisioning something painted, smooth and shiny (also: easy to wipe clean when I splatter something, because I'm a messy cook!):

(Photo Credit: BetterHomesandGardens)

And finally, one last scroll through google images brought me to this beauty found by Centsationalgirl (psst - this whole page has lots of great DIYs, check them out). I have been trying to find a way to bring some herringbone into the kitchen, but is it too much...:

(Photo Credit: Suburban"Friends")

So, any thoughts? Go!

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