Thursday, March 19, 2015

Avocadopalooza - We're Having Burrito Bowls!

So, sometimes taco night finds us without tortillas. I know, this isn't really a problem, I could just make my own...and I have. But sometimes a Mommy just doesn't feel like tortillas. Well, that's never actually happened, but sometimes it's nice to change it up a little :)

Enter "Burrito Bowls". I love them for the same reasons I love tacos - easy, flexible, tasty and always a kid-favorite! And obviously using rice instead if wheat tortillas makes this dish gluten free, too. Since we limit our grains and wheat, this is a nice alternative.

Today I used ground turkey, like tacos, and I threw some black beans in, too. I also made Spanish rice, but I've used regular brown rice and it was equally delicious.

We also prefer them with some chopped fresh tomato and a squeeze of lime, if you have it - yum!

Clean Eating Burrito Bowls
Serves 4-5

What You Need

1# ground turkey, venison or chicken; you can also use cooked, cubed chicken
Clean, organic or home-mixed taco seasoning
1 can organic black beans (opt)
1 cup organic brown rice, prepared; or Spanish rice
2-4 ripe organic avocados, or clean prepared guacamole or chunky avocado 
2-4 cups prepared salad greens of your choice, preferably organic or garden fresh
Fresh veggies to chop! Tomato, if available, sweet peppers, onion...the sky is the limit!
1c plain Greek yogurt (opt)
1c salsa, homemade or organic (opt)
1c frozen organic corn (opt)

Put It Together
Cook rice according to directions. As rice simmers, prepare ground meat or cook chicken. If you're a step ahead and are using leftover chicken, give yourself a high five and check out some of my other blog posts, you may have a few extra minutes while your rice cooks ;)

Assemble your bowls! Layer rice, meat and veggies. Top with avocado or guac, salsa, if you like, corn and a spot of Greek yogurt. Enjoy!

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