Thursday, August 29, 2013

Set Sail! or I really meant to do this months ago!

Wow - the first post in a new blog seems so important, so momentous, so ... historic. I'm certain I have large shoes to fill, and I'll be the first to admit that I'm pretty new to blogging. But, a new year commitment I've made is to blog everyday (or try REALLY, REALLY hard to). Yes, I know I'm a few days months behind , I'm not going to try to make those up, we're just going to move forward!

I suppose a great place to start is why "merrily"? Well, I was inspired by a blog post from a certain corporate contact at the office where I work, Duggsblog, specifically this post from Thursday 12/29/11. It made me think about how such a simple children's song can be transformed into something so inspiring and encouraging. For that, I want to say Thanks!! I shared the post with my husband, who of course enjoyed reading it (bless his heart). So, I'll share a poignant quote with you:

Don't speed, Don't race, Don't fly but rather ROW!!
and what should we Row???
"Your Boat"
Not your brothers boat, nor your fathers boat, nor your mothers boat but rather YOUR boat.

Now lets pause there for a moment because if this simple children's song never utters another word it has already given us incredible direction. In fact from my experience I would say a large majority of people live their entire lives without finding this truth. I see so many people "Keeping up with the Jones" trying to insure everyones acceptance of them and who they are "supposed" to be. important it is that I search to understand who's boat I should be rowing!! It reminded me of how important it is to help others think of their active choice in deciding what's right for them may or may not be right for those around make a couple of points further in this song about how the Row should go gently not violently, not struggling not frustratingly but Gently DOWN the stream. Not up the Stream, Not against the current of our inner direction but choosing YOUR Boat and enjoying the Row GENTLY, DOWN the stream."

I know, right, all great points! So how did that inspire me to blog? Well, putting our thoughts, feelings, experiences down in writing (and sharing with others), for me, helps to affirm how I feel and whats important to me. Its not what others think is important, its not what others have in their home or in their garage or bank accounts thats important, its what I have, how grateful I am to have it, that I give thanks for it each and everyday and that I share my gratitude with others so that maybe, just maybe, I can be a little light that shines on their voyage as well.

Merrily We Row is about rowing OUR OWN boat, happily "in a cheerful way", down the stream, enjoying the journey and what God has given us along the way. That being said, I'm hoping to share everyday stories, projects, triumphs and sorrows (they happen, no use hiding them) and it is my hope that you'll enjoy the journey along with me, sharing your stories and comments as well.

many happy returns

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