Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Goal-getters: How do YOU eat an elephant?

Ok, so I've never been much of a goal setter. Ever. I always just figured that was for "business professionals" or "CEOs" of companies or motivational speakers, or Oprah or something, but I didn't need to set goals. 

After all, I'm a small town girl turned stay-at-home-mom, aside from raising our kids the best way we can, maybe having a garden, finishing a few DIY home projects here and there, maybe some recreational camping to liven things up in the summer - what else could I want? What other goals could I expect to achieve? 

My short answer now is: you never know if you never try! This goes for all kinds of goals - health and weight loss, financial, faith, business, recreation, the list goes on!

But you might ask - why bother? I'm happy the way I am! I'd say, that's wonderful! So am I! There is a difference between being content, counting your blessings and loving your life and feeling fulfilled, finding our purpose, striving to grow, to learn, to help those around us. Isn't that what life is about? Not just making ourselves "happy" or "comfortable", but in touching the lives of others, helping them on their journey, helping your church, your family, friends, community. When we do this, we become part of something bigger, we reach past ourselves and into the lives and hearts of others. 

What do we do when we are doing this? Setting and achieving goals. We are doing it for a reason, to work toward a specific outcome. See, like it or not, we all have goals! The more you recognize it, plan for it, aim for it - the more fun it becomes. And the more likely you will achieve what you a et out to do!

Why am I writing about goals today? Well, it is #WisdomWednesday. No, stop laughing, but really, who am I to talk about goals? Well, I had an "ah-ha" moment today. You see, I read it in our church bulletin on Sunday, but we got an email today requesting any extra donations that members of our church might be able to give because the furnaces need replacing. Yep - furnaces. There are 4. And it's mid-January. Nice, right? The price tag? $9000 for all 4 (the church has a school, our kiddos go there).

When I got the email I thought "whew! $9000! I really wish we could help, but (insert excuse x, y, z). I hope more wealthy members can dig deep an make it happen or it's going to be chilly on Sunday mornings." But then I stopped to really think about what that meant. Don't get me wrong, $9000 is a lot of money, but if 90 families/households gave just $100/each - BAM - problem solved and everyone attends a toasty warm school and church! Now, perhaps some can give more and others can afford to give less, but the bottom line is, doesn't it sound more achievable when you break it down a little? Of course it does!

Which brings me to my point: no goal is too large, you just have to break it down when you are working for it. Can't pay off your $5000 credit card bill this month? Why bother then? Right? Nope - how about paying an extra $50/paycheck until it's paid off - perhaps a little easier. Think you can't possibly change your lifestyle enough to lower your blood sugar where your doctor wants it? How about improving it 25% by your next check up? In just 2 appointments you'll have cut it in half! Think you can't possibly fit any time in your day to exercise? What about getting up 10 minutes earlier each week until you have 30 minutes for fitness everyday? Ever look at yourself in the mirror and think "I will never lose all this weight..."? Sure, it won't happen overnight - none of these things did, our financial problems, health concerns, weight gain or work frustrations - but when you break them down, do what you can everyday, you WILL get there. One bite at a time. Just like eating an elephant ;)

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